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The closest thing to Tetris on Mac

There is no official Tetris game for Mac but Tetris Zone is about as close as it gets.

Tetris Zone is a very accurate Tetris clone that offers four modes of play from a simple Challenge mode to a super fast Master mode. Tetris Zone accurately recreates the same 3D graphics and gameplay that makes Tetris so addictive. Note that this is a free demo for Macs, but the trial game limits your play and available feature set.

Specifically, there are four modes:

Marathon: How long can you last? (The closest thing to normal Tetris with 15 levels)
Challenge: Tests how far you can go in 10 minutes
Sprint: A race to clear 40 lines as fast as possible
Master: Super fast drops requires super fast thinking!

Beyond this, it doesn't offer any new innovations on the Tetris genre but it does give you full instant replays plus it stores your all-time and daily best scores. Your best scores are automatically uploaded to the worldwide Leader Board so you can compare yourself with the best in the World.

Tetris Zone is the closest thing to an official free demo of Tetris on Mac.

Tetris Zone offers four modes of play, from the simple, yet challenging 15-level Marathon mode to an instant hard-drop variation and more. Stunning 3D graphics take the Tetris experience to new levels of play. Get back into the game and re-acquaint yourself with Tetris®, one of the best puzzle games ever made!

  • Four game variations will keep you entertained for hours:

Marathon - 15 challenging levels of gameplay.
Challenge - See how far you can go in 10 minutes!
Sprint - Race to clear 40 lines.
Master - Instant drops — think fast!

  • Awesome graphics and sounds heighten the Tetris experience.
  • Automatically upload your score to a world-wide Leader Board — compare your ranking against players from the around the world!


  • Accurate Tetris clone
  • 3 different modes
  • Replays and world leader board
  • Closest thing to Tetris on Mac


  • Not an official Tetris game
  • Doesn't offer anything new on the genre

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Tetris Zone


Tetris Zone 1.2.1 for Mac

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